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Opening the doorPrice
Slammed door / plain, with gable fittings300 Kč
Slammed door / with security fittings500 Kč
Slammed / atypical. width from 10 cm, safety700 Kč
Slammed / plastic with multi-point lock800 Kč
Locked / with gable fittings500 Kč
Locked / security fittings 802, 807 ...700 Kč
Locked / security Fittings R1, R3, Komas, OS1800 Kč
Locked / additional lock700 Kč
Locked / jammed safe lock1 500 Kč
Locked / cracked lock pin700 Kč
Locked / dosic lock500 Kč
Locked / box, table, furniture lock500 Kč
Locked / safe lock2300 Kč
Vault opening, repair and servicedle typu
Montáž / Oprava zámkuPrice
Lock / insert replacement (ordinary door)300 Kč
Auxiliary lock insert replacement400 Kč
Insert replacement (security door)400 Kč
Replacement of CR, Mottura, Atra, Cisa… lock700 Kč
Repair of a jammed lock / insert500 Kč
Smart lock assembly700 Kč
Installation of safety fittings700 Kč
Montáž zadlabacího zámku450 Kč
Installation of self-locking lock900 Kč
Key removal (according to break)od 300 Kč
Removing the lock insert without the key500 Kč
Install of FAB, CR, ATRA, CISA barriers1500 Kč
Montáž přídavného zámku 1572 apod.700 Kč
Door repair after burglaryod 350 Kč
Car openingPrice
Opening the car to r.v. 1999 (without safe)600 Kč
The opening of the car r.v. 2000 - 2005 (without safe)800 Kč
Opening of the car from r.v. 2006 (without safe)1100 Kč
Safe type of security until r.v. 20061300 Kč
Vault type security r.v. 2007 - 20171500 Kč
Car lock replacementod 800 Kč
Switch box replacementdle typu
Disassembly of the gear lock (DEFEND LOCK, etc.)2000 Kč
Transport, discounts, surchargesPrice
Transportation in Prague400 Kč
Shipping outside Prague+8 Kč/km
Every further path to the order200 Kč
Express departure, emergency+200 Kč
Discount for victims of TC (burglary, etc.)– 20%
Extra work surcharge (17:00 - 00:00)+ 50%
Night emergency (00:00 - 7:00) and public holiday+100%
Weekend work (Saturday and Sunday)+50%