How to open a slammed door? We know how to do it!


Opening the door - OPENING THE LOCK

The law of approval is not exactly an exact lesson, but as each of us has already convinced, it works very well :) And a malicious coincidence very often chooses doors and locks for its demonstration. A slammed door, a broken or stuck key in a lock, the loss of keys… these are the most common situations that can make a day uncomfortable. It is clear that none of us cares about a similar experience, but if it does, it is good to know that help is nearby. All you have to do is call a locksmith to call her.

Whatever the problem - the locksmith from Zámečnictví KEY will solve everything quickly, with quality and at a favorable price! At any time in similar cases do not hesitate to contact our locksmiths on the number 777 175 567 - we are here for you NONSTOP!

                            We most often solve the following situations:

  • Opening a slammed door - without damaging the lock and the door;
  • Otevírání zamčených dveří – nejšetrnějším možným způsobem;
  • Havarijní otevírání zámku – expresní zámečnická pohotovost;
  • Vytažení zlomeného nebo zaseklého klíče se zámku nebo vložky;
  • Car opening – moderními nástroji a bez poškození zámku auta;
  •  Otevíráni a servis všech typu trezorů. Výměna trezorových zámku.

Not just a slammed door from the apartment. Key lost?

Did your door slam? Have you lost your keys and can't get home? We will help you! The main thing a person should be aware of - often at the most inopportune time - any inconvenience associated with the lock is that the main thing is not to panic. Too often, people try to open the door on their own in time pressure and under the pressure of emotions. However, in most cases this only leads to damage to the lock or the entire door. A broken lock, a cracked door or a damaged door frame will not only need to be replaced, but this replacement will be more complicated.

Do not try to force the door open or open the lock with unsuitable tools. In such cases, the lock, insert, door frame or door will always be damaged. Even if you manage to open the door - the subsequent repair will be several times the amount of the locksmith's intervention. Do not hesitate to contact our locksmith at any time on the number 777 037 778. Your slammed door will be opened by our locksmith quickly and without any damage.

otevirani dveri


The right solution is to call a professional to the situation - locksmith emergency KEY. Only with us can you be sure that there will be no unnecessary damage to the door. The reason is that all members of our team are experienced professionals in their field and have extensive experience in opening apartment doors. Speed, discretion and top, state-of-the-art equipment are a matter of course.

KEY Locksmiths operates non-stop and at any time of the day or night, our technicians are ready to help you with the problem. We are aware of how stressful such a situation can be, and if we are to be late and arrive in more than an hour, we consider it fair to offer the client a discount.

In the event that the lock is damaged for any reason, we are ready to service or replace it. We always have spare locks, inserts, fittings, counterparts, etc. ready. But no matter what our locksmith does with the lock, the client will always know exactly what procedure our technician chose and why.

We have been working in the field for 16 years and we have already seen a lot. Most importantly, we learned to solve all possible and impossible problems to the maximum satisfaction of the client. In addition to the speed with which we reach you and the quality of work done, you can also rely on the favorable prices of our locksmith.

We do not want anyone to get into a situation where they will need our services. But life brings different situations and does not choose. So if such a situation does occur, do not hesitate to contact us with confidence. We will not disappoint you!

We provide our services 24 hours a day, especially in Prague and the surrounding area. Quality locksmith service. Reliable locksmith readiness. Complete delivery and installation of locks, lock inserts, fittings, etc. KEY locksmith guarantees first-class quality locksmith services. Do not hesitate to contact our locksmith emergency whenever you need - we are here for you NONSTOP on the number 777 037 778