Locksmith Prague 2 - Nusle, Vyšehrad, Vinohrady.

The city district of Prague 2 is one of the most popular parts of Prague. The most important historical complex of our capital is located here. This is Vyšehrad, which is known around the world. Among other things, there is also Havlíčkovy sady with Gröb's villa, Riegrovy sady, Folimanka park, Antonín Dvořák Museum and many others. The city district is visited annually by over a hundred thousand tourists from all over the world.

Slammed keys, broken key in the lock, replacement of an old lock with a new one, opening of a car or installation of quality security doors. Dozens of people will certainly encounter these unpleasant problems every day. It is sometimes impossible to find a quality locksmith company in the Prague 2 district. If you are looking for professionals in your field, then the company Zámečnictví KEY will surely liberate you. Locksmiths who are available 24 hours a day.  

zámečnická pohotovost praha

The search for a quality locksmith company is over. Zámečnictví KEY can be proud of its rich experience in its field. It has been on the Czech market for its clients since 1990. It offers its customers not only basic locksmith services and consultancy, but also locksmith emergency, which is used daily by many people. Zámečnictví Praha 2 is ready 24 hours a day to solve your problems in all corners of the city district of Prague 2. A very popular service of this company is locksmith emergency.

Here are some reasons to choose a KEY locksmith emergency

Locksmith Emergency Key is one of the professionals in its field and offers its customers countless quality services. Our trained locksmiths work with the latest equipment and use quality components from leading Czech and foreign manufacturers. Our company is based on quality, speed and precisely done work. You don't even have to deal with the financial dilemma with our company. 

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We are your non-stop locksmith emergency

Our locksmith emergency in the city part of Prague 2 is non-stop and without waiting. With your small and large locksmith worries, we will help you any day and at any time. With our locksmiths, you don't have to worry about waiting for hours or even days. The locksmith's emergency in Prague 2 will come to you as soon as possible.

Locksmith emergency is not just about opening slammed doors. Our locksmith emergency room also specializes in the complete installation of security barriers and security systems. We are ready to offer you quality security for an apartment, family house or office.

If you need quality locksmith services, do not hesitate to contact us 24 hours a day. Our goal is a satisfied customer.

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What services does the KEY locksmith emergency service offer in Prague 2?

Our locksmith emergency will cover all your requirements that are associated with locksmith services. Locksmith services are not just an emergency on a broken key in the lock. A professional team of locksmiths offers countless quality services that you would not even expect from us. You will also appreciate our locksmith's readiness in any of the following situations:

  • door repair after burglary
  • opening a slammed door
  • opening a jammed door
  • opening a locked door
  • assembly and replacement of locks, inserts and security fittings
  • opening cars without damaging the car lock
  • removing a broken or jammed key
  • opening and servicing of all types of safes