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Zámečnícka pohotovost Praha - Otevírání dveří

Opening the door

Emergency lock opening of all types. Slammed your door or lost your keys? Your key broke in the lock and you don’t know what to do? Locksmith emergency KEY is here for you 24/7! To open the lock, we use only the most modern tools, thanks to which we open the slammed door without the slightest damage.

Zámečnícka pohotovost Praha - Otevírání auta

Opening the car

We offer emergency opening of cars in Prague and the Central Bohemia region. Our advantage over the competition is that we use only the latest methods and tools to open the car. In addition, thanks to many years of practice and rich experience, we can open your car as quickly as possible and without damage.

Zámečnícka pohotovost Praha - Výměna zámku

Changing the lock

Replacing the lock insert is one of the most basic measures when you need to better secure your house or apartment. We carry out complete replacements of locks of all brands and security classes. Changing the lock insert is a routine matter for us. Call anytime – we are ready – all of Prague and the surrounding area.

Zámečnícka pohotovost Praha - Otevírání trezorů

Opening safes

Lost the keys to your safe? Don’t remember the code or can’t open the safe with the original key? Our locksmiths will help you with this. We have extensive experience in opening safes. We open electronic and mechanical code safes of all brands and travel all over Prague and the surrounding area non-stop.

Zámečnícka pohotovost Praha - Oprava po vloupání

Repair after break-in

There was always a theft problem in Prague, but everyone thinks that it will not touch him. If someone tries to rob you – contact our locksmith. We change the lock after a break-in, install security hardware or a bolt. We will design suitable door security so that thieves don’t have a chance!

Zámečnícka pohotovost Praha - Zabezpečení domu

Home security

After many years of practice, our locksmiths have extensive experience in the area of house security, entrance doors of apartments and other buildings. We perform mechanical and electronic security of objects. Don’t wait for someone to rob you – home security is a smart investment!

We know how to reliably protect you from unwanted visitors! Don’t wait for someone to rob you – home security is a smart investment. Call our locksmiths for a no-obligation offer or a FREE consultation!

Why our emergency locksmith service?

Professional locksmith in Prague

Our locksmiths are trained professionals with many years of experience. You can be absolutely sure that we will do our work quickly, qualitatively and without the slightest mistakes!

15 years of experience

Thanks to the extensive experience of our locksmiths, we perform our work to a high standard. We're always improving, as evidenced by lots of positive Google ratings!

Non-stop dispatch

We provide professional and fast locksmith services in and around Prague. Rely on us - a locksmith emergency service is at your disposal 24/7!

Positive Google reviews

Our goal - quality work and a satisfied customer. The ratings of our clients speak clearly - we are on the right track and we are still improving 🙂

Affordable price

We keep our prices low for the satisfaction of our customers! We value our customers - that's why seniors with disabilities, regular customers, and victims of crimes are entitled to discounts!

Locksmith emergency

We guarantee the highest quality emergency locksmith services. We always give a two-year guarantee on the work done and our locksmith material!

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