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The loss of keys, the slammed door of the apartment, the broken lock during a burglary - these are all very unpleasant situations for everyone, but they can happen unexpectedly and at any time. You bounce for a moment with garbage, forget the keys inside the apartment and cook on the plate. And the problem is in the world. What to do at such a moment? The first thing that comes to mind, and of course you should do, is to call locksmiths. Under no circumstances should you try to open the door yourself and by force; usually it doesn't work and in addition you can cause such damage that the new security of the apartment will cost you many times more money.

Locksmiths can open locks without damage! Every Locksmith. he usually works 24 hours a day and has considerable experience with emergency door opening. According to the reactions of our customers, we can boldly rank our company among the most reliable in Prague. Our motto is: "professionally, quickly, at an affordable price". We direct all our strength and time to your satisfaction :)

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Another unpleasant situation can occur when you need to lock or unlock a car. If you can't get in the car, you can't leave - if you've ever experienced such a situation, you need to know that at that moment, you are absolutely desperate. Especially when he's in a hurry. And that's the order of the day these days. So a general rush. However, do not lose your head at such a moment and immediately call emergency - nonstop locksmithing.

Something similar can happen when the car cannot be locked. Then you can't move away from him for a moment, and you are pressed by time and responsibilities again. What now? Call locksmiths immediately; the sooner you respond, the sooner your problem will be solved, as opening cars is a toy for an experienced locksmith. Do not hesitate to call our line 777 037 778 - even if there are quite a few locksmith companies, there are significantly more problems with the lock day after day and night after night. So another unfortunate man could overtake you and you would have to wait unnecessarily long.

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Locksmiths Prague 6 - Vokovice, Hradčany, Liboc

How to open a slammed door? The locksmith shop in Prague will give you the answer.

Jen byste měli vždy mít u sebe doklady když se jedná o otevření zamčených dveří, aby měl zámečník jistotu, že otvírá právě vaše auto, anebo váš byt! Nebudou-li patřičné doklady (občanský průkaz nebo jiný doklad totožnosti, případně doklad o právu vstoupit do daného objektu; doklady od vozidla, atd.) v otevřeném autě, ani u vás v bytě či jiné otvírané nemovitosti, může se stát, že budeme nuceni vaše počínání nahlásit na Policii ČR, a to z důvodu neoprávněného vniknutí.

If you live in Prague 6 and its surroundings, you can contact our locksmith emergency, which works NONSTOP - including weekends and holidays - and can quickly resolve any inconvenience with your locks. Whether they are from the door of the house or vehicle, or from the safe.

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However, Zámečnictví Praha 6 does not provide its services only when you are in need. It is often necessary to perform common procedures, such as replacing the lock insert (if you lose the keys and do not want to risk losing their finder), complete lock replacement, installation of new locks on new doors, installation of additional locks, replacement of security inserts, installation of security fittings , removing a wrench or jammed key. Or drilling the door lock and restoring it to its original condition after unprofessional intervention. We can simply guarantee you a comprehensive locksmith service.

If you are looking for a reliable, fast and experienced locksmith emergency in Prague 6 (but also in the whole of Prague and its surroundings), do not hesitate to contact us. Our technicians understand their work, they will come quickly and eliminate your problem in the shortest possible time. We work with modern technologies and security elements and we cooperate with manufacturers of quality locks and keys, fittings, cylindrical inserts, as well as padlocks and other locksmith goods. We provide our services for Prague and its surroundings.