Locksmith Prague 3 - Zizkov, Vinohrady

If you are looking for a reliable locksmith in Prague 3, whether for simple or more complex tasks, who is available practically unlimited? It is good to focus on larger entities based directly in your district. Their main advantage is the speed given by the short driving distance, which is a relatively popular priority in a city like Prague. Larger locksmiths with more employees usually offer services such as Locksmith. This service focuses mainly on simple tasks, such as emergency opening of doors, locks or cars in a very short time after ordering.

Prague 3 is located in the center of the capital and includes parts of Zizkov, Vysocany, Vinohrady and Strasnice. It is a relatively busy part of the city, where something happens every day and night, so locksmiths who work non-stop are a very popular commodity. Choosing the right locksmith in Prague, whose offer will exactly match your needs, does not require a long search.

zámečnická pohotovost praha

Our locksmith shop in Prague has several branches, which are strategically located throughout the city so as to minimize customer availability. We perform both emergency emergency door opening and the entire spectrum of other locksmith operations, including the replacement of a lock or a proposal to secure an apartment or other building. We know how to open a slammed door so that its structure or lock is not damaged.

In the whole locality of Prague 3 we provide locksmith emergency, ie. classic non-stop locksmith service, for any type of locks. Thanks to special equipment and established modern and traditional procedures, we can open slammed or jammed doors, open a car, or quickly replace a lock insert if it is irreversibly damaged, or its normal or professional installation is required. This service covers a full range of locks, from standard to special security. In addition to the basic types of locks, we also open safes.

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In addition to opening safes, which already requires more significant expertise compared to the offer of conventional locksmithers, we also offer a comprehensive solution for securing buildings, including a master key system. Opening safes is a specialized area of locksmithing, as it works with a number of mechanical and electrical locks in various variants and must overcome more barriers. For this purpose, we are equipped with the appropriate tools that allow the safe to be restored to its original condition after an emergency opening.


We design security systems for an apartment, house or commercial building with regard to the customer's requirements and ideas. We are able to create a customized solution that will exactly meet all the needs of maximum security, implementing not only our own security locks, but also other security technology, such as mechanical barriers in the form of door construction or other construction openings.

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Locksmith Prague 3 and other Prague locations

Our main activity is in the locality of Prague 3, we also fulfill client orders in other parts of the city, either directly or through the locally relevant partner branch. For Prague 3, we mainly protect the localized locksmith's emergency, but together with other partners we also participate in larger projects that deepen the experience we have in the field. In addition, we share know-how with individual branches and expand both the knowledge and technical database.

As a whole, our locksmithers are able to cover the vast majority of the demand for locksmith services throughout the capital. We always arrive at our clients in the shortest possible interval and we perform all tasks quickly and professionally. We also provide a complete warranty and post-warranty service for the systems installed by us.